The Wedding Dress 

I never once had any interest in weddings, but today I saw a lovely simple yet elegant wedding dress and thought about how I would look in it. I guess my clock is finally starting to tick faster and faster.  Maybe it was just a beautiful dress and I want it but can’t really justify […]


I find it funny that today, on this day that celebrates our freedom I found this piece of paper while trying to find my passport. My family came to this country from the former Soviet Union. They claimed refugee status to flee the anti-semitic sentiment and harsh economy of their mother country with little to […]

BiCostal Binging: The OG’s Episodes 13 and 14.

As always your key to understanding: Meghan: Regular Font Diane: Italics For the first time, I’m choosing to watch The Originals instead of feeling like I have to (though I’ve currently got a much more pressing deadline for something else BUT I’M JUST LOVING THIS SHOW. Plus everyone kept sending me Elijah pictures today at […]

BiCoastsal Binging: The OGs 11 & 12

So, it’s been a pretty awful couple of days. No dehydration issues, thankfully (get better, Diane!) but mostly people issues and man am I reminded that sometimes I hate humans just as much as Klaus does (that’s a terrible thought, let’s move right along.) Update: I am feeling better. Special shout to Meghan for editing […]