Book Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

  Honestly, I am so over vampires and I know a lot of you are too- so when I was camping out in the YA Fantasy Romance section of Barnes and Noble I was skeptical about a lot of the stuff I was looking at. However, something about this book called to me. Firstly, it’s […]


The Unintentional Hiatus

When I first started this blog i was working part time and was delightfully bored. Now I work full time and have a million other things to do and I may have stumbled onto some writers block. I will not confirm or deny that, however I have returned and will be posting regularly again because […]

Binge Watching: This Is New?

I’ve recently read several articles on binge watching. Essentially about how people breeze through TV and consume entire series in a day to a week. All of these articles sound exactly the same; they all talk about the ever evolving way to watch TV and keep expressing how this is the new way people do […]