BiCostal Blogging: The OGs Episodes 3 & 4

First off we would like to say sorry for the late post. Diane was in charge of this one and she was total slacker because her day jobs made her do it! We wont bore you with anymore apologies because The Originals never do so why should we? In this entry of BiCostal Binging we embark on a journey that can make or break any hour long scripted series – watching the third episode. The third episode is crucial. If you’re not even remotely curious as to what people are doing on the show by the third episode the show might not be for you, or anyone really. Luckily for The Originals both the pilot and the second episode were good enough but we both ended it thinking, is this a show we like or is this a show we hate so we like making fun of it? Episodes 3 and 4 answer that burning question. Okay, enough blabbing. On to the episodes!

Your key to understanding views –

Meghan = Regular Font

Diane = italics.

Not Pictured, Klaus's evil mustache.

Season 1 Episode 3: Tangled Up In Blue (GET IT?! TANGLED UP IN YOU? BLUE… YOU?!?) Lets see how this goes for us. My burning question is whether or not Meghan will be team Elijah by the end of the season. #ELIJAHGATE continues with no end in sight.

Just to set the stage, I’m in the middle of doing my laundry while I watch episode three, so it has a lot to live up to as I take laundry as seriously as my dinner (which is two taquitos.) 

Rebekah does the previously on, but we have to hear Elijah narrate his journal from the 30’s and essentially tells us when what we already know. These ancient vampires are pricks. 

“Hide his loneliness with cruelty.” This line should have been in the pilot I REPEAT, SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE PILOT. This sets up Klaus a little more.

Hayley demands to know the plan and Klaus lands a great slew of retorts on her, my favorite being: “Which plan? My plan for world domination, or Rebekah’s to find love in a cruel, cruel world.” Snort.

Rebekah threw that pencil half heartedly. Kind of like a fun little death-to-the-brother-only-joking. The dynamics in this show are so screwed up, I’m so confused as to how they relate to each other, to Hayley. I need a little more for the feels department. 

Marcel is looking dapper in his suit. Marcel seems to be talking to his second in command whose name appears to be Thierry, according to my closed captioning that is, which much like Klaus can not always be trusted. (I checked IMDB and it is in fact Thierry. You win this round, captioning.) They talk about the two dumb asses they killed last week and the set up they came up with to make it look like an accident. In cause we forgot the expository character of this episode Marcel, reminds us one of them is dead and the other is turned. They also mention Klaus and the fact he’s a shit-head. Of course Klaus’s ears must have been ringing because he shows up right then to be territorial over his boy Marcel and engage in a pissing contest with Thierry. 

Thierry is hot. Also he can play the trumpet. He’ll probably be dead before the season ends.  

The don’t mess around with plans, the OGs. Let’s just go through the front door, guys. 

Now we have some HR matters with Marcel and his evil…newsie? Do they have some sort of health benefit plan? Dental? We’re really concerned about dead vampires, BUT WHY ARE WE CONCERNED literally no one likes each other. It’s like a weird gang. You joined the group, but the group doesn’t like you.

Klaus brought up the disappearance of nightwalkers and spun their deaths that were Klaus’ fault into a way that is not at all his fault I’m actually a little impressed and kind of turned on? 

Rebekah snarks that she only killed 8 night walkers and not 10 as Klaus implies. Bekah is such a stickler for the facts. 

So, why do we want this baby? (We have time since we are tortur-spositioning) Because…family? Because sometimes we kind of love things? How does this play in Klaus’ scheme to take over the world or can we just not kill babies because we are on The CW? 

Thanks to Rebekah’s bloody sleuthing skills, we find out that Snitch Witch is in love with Marcel’s right hand newsie who we just met HOW CONVENIENT how small is New Orleans?

Oh, Halyey. Doing nothing but be pregnant. She was so much cooler in the pilot. 

Sophie (not Davinia I softly repeat to myself to remember which witch is which, say that 10 times fast!) shows up to find Rebekah at her shop. Bekah is a regular old Veronica Mars because she figures out someone at the shop ratted out Hayley to Marcel’s crew about her being in the quarter. Rebekah feels bad about killing Katie, the chick that ratted out Hayley because the dumb ass is in love with Thierry. Bekah, who is always the romantic tells her sociopath brother that Thierry and Katie are in a Romeo and Juliette romance. Klaus might as well have twirled his mustache because now he’s got leverage on Thierry and I’m going to quietly assume Marcel as well. 

Davina is mentioned by Sophie so I know she isn’t Davina. 

Sophie just said Davina’s name and I’m having a weird sense of deja vu. Klaus is talking to her threateningly but also kindly? Like, does he really care about losses? Does he even notice them anymore?


“For the love of Mary Magdelene…” Ah, I do love Rebekah’s fun vernacular. 

Cami! She’s that bartender that Elijah was talking to and Marcel is “persuaded” to date. I would not be upset if Rebekah and Cami became BFF — wait, just kidding. More manipulation. But in other news, The CW’s obligatory party is soon! Act Four is coming up!

Every time Klaus bangs on a table and says someone’s name in a maniacal and loud manner I want to gag. He’s so over dramatic. 

Cue to Thierry playing Trumpet. He’s a heart breaker. 

Turns out Marcel knows Thierry is “in love” with Katie but doesn’t give a snot because Thierry gives him good intel. Klaus goes over to Marcel’s and manipulates Marcel into rousting the witches which would lead by Thierry and his Newsie cap. Klaus sets it up so that Thierry kills a vamp to save his girl. But Marcel frowns upon that. So Klaus knows the dumb ass Katie will perform a spell to save her man because Klaus is such a mush. 

All these ancient people in New Orleans and STILL no cajan accent. 

Oooo, Marcel’s right hand newsie just killed a Vampire, one of Marcel’s biggest no-nos. No never mind that it’s Klaus’ red shirt vampire


Oh hey there CW party, I see you! You’re exactly what I always expect. And of course Klaus escorts Rebekah into the party like the Game of Thrones trope they are.

Rebekah and Klaus show up at the gala looking great and incesty together and even Cami, notes that Klaus looks like he’s banged Rebekah. 

Ignoring all your social faux pas.

Bekhah claims that she invited Cami  for leverage against Marcel, but I think Klaus knows it’s more sinister because of her attachment to Marcel. Us girls are just so catty aren’t we? 

The lighting in this episode along with the costumes are ON POINT. I may make fun of these parties, but I absolutely love them.

Two of my favorite Cami lines:

  • “The infamous on again/off again?” – Said to Rebekah about Klaus and I may have had to stop the show from laughing so hard. 
  • “I’m beginning to think your sister’s a bit of a bitch.” – Cami to Klaus. Girl, you’ve no idea.

Cami has, like, no chemistry with Marcel. Obviously we are suppose to ship Cami and Klaus but I still want something to happen between him and Hayley because nothing is happening there and I am a sadist. 

Hayley, walking around and being pregnant. And seeing dogs? This show gets more and more like Game of Thrones. Though I like that her babysitter has a trick for finding the gender of the baby. And then when Hayley gets all worried, the babysitter tells her it’s like an old wives tale or something and man it felt good to be in the South for a minute.

Marcel is seething with anger after he is told what happened and somewhere out there Klaus is twirling his mustache. AGAIN. 

Sophie is convincing Katie to perform the spell so she can perform hers to find Davina. 

Oh no, Marcel knocked off his Right Hand Newsie’s cap! You KNOW it’s serious!

Now Sophie manipulated Snitch Witch and Davina turned into Drusilla. That’s all that happened there. Back to the party.

Klaus is seriously Batman. Just standing in the shadows, watching as everyone does the dirty work for him while saying something ominous as Right Hand Newsie is thrown into vague scary place called “the garden.” Which. Can we agree that’s the worst scary name? The only garden I can think of that’s a secret is the Secret Garden and that’s decidedly not threatening. 

Davina sounds like she’s having an orgasm and not a nightmare while she sleeps in an…attic? She awakens to Katie’s magic. Marcel is a weirdo keeping a girl in an attic in a nightgown all day. I agree with Meghan, she does give Drusilla vibes. 

Snitch Witch is coming at you, Marcel! Bringing down electricity and being a badass. Until Klaus kills her. Meaning we didn’t find where Davina is. But Sophie doesn’t care, she’s got a real wish to meet her doppleganger but in a brief, shining moment, Rebekah cares about her because of Hayley and the baby!

Oh, just kidding, she just doesn’t want Elijah to be mad. 

HAH “The Garden” is where they “plant” vampires. That’s actually really funny for some reason. (I’m clearly invested, guys.) 

Oh hey, killing Snitch Witch might get them Elijah back! Hurray! The melodramatic typical CW music is playing. And now we’re in the bar and there are soft, sparkle lights that are so so typical CW and I guess we’re trying to ship Cami and Klaus. This is a terrible idea guys. 

Thierry may play the Trumpet but Klaus and Rebekah played Marcel like a fiddle. He sentences Thierry to a bajillion years in the garden for killing a vamp and apparently stealing his spell on how to make day walker rings. 

Katie was pretty bad ass but Klaus gains Marcel’s loyalty by killing her before she killed him. 

Also Davina starts becoming paired when Marcel does. Are they connected? Cause that would be pretty insane. 

This is an interesting conundrum. Klaus likes the girl he needs to keep interested in Marcel. I’m kind of intrigued? But I don’t care about Cami so I don’t care if Klaus likes her. NOT BECAUSE I SHIP HIM AND HIS SISTER NO NOT AT ALL

“Tonight was a masterpiece.” Because Klaus is Batman. 

Marcel and Klaus have a father and son bonding moment on the balcony. I honestly don’t think Klaus would let Marcel get hurt unless he does it himself. He totally loves him which is why he lets Cami forget the incident at the ball. Also, I think Klaus needs something to control Marcel with and Cami is perfect for that. 

Davina is a stupid little girl, but a powerful one and she DEMANDS that Elijah will not be brought back to them until she figures out how to kill them. Ouch. 

Davina is showing her hormonal little teenage self. I WON’T GIVE BACK MY TOY I WON’T.

This is the problem when your sinister villain is SIXTEEN

Klaus asks what is it about Elijah that people love, and the answer is EVERYTHING Klaus…EVERYTHING. Meghan is shaking her head as she reads this, and screaming; NOTHING! THERE IS NOTHING TO LOVE!”

I like that Klaus is exploring what makes Elijah likable. And the fact that Elijah is kind to people is what makes him likable (question mark? Does ANYTHING really make Elijah likable?), and kind is what Klaus will never be. BUT THE BABY MIGHT BE A GIRL AND KLAUS SMILED A LITTLE AND GAH I DO WANT HIM TO BE REDEEMED BECAUSE I WANT HIM TO SMILE AT HIS LITTLE BABY GIRL.

Hayley. Once again, being pregnant. Oh, but Klaus is hanging out with her! I think I’m destined to be disappointed by the ships on this show. Though, if it’s anything like Vampire Diaries, everyone will have sex with everyone eventually. 

Rebekah is disappointed in Klaus which means angry yelling before finding out that Klaus did a good thing. (Side note: Dear Writers, Rebekah calling Klaus ‘Nik’ and telling him that he disgusts her just makes me more invested in the incest PLEASE STOP THANK YOU.) 

Turns out the witches might be playing everyone right now and this is going to be super tricky. 

So episode three continues to contribute to my theory that this show is just going to get better as it steers away from its parent show. Davina is still my favorite as she is the most mysterious and I’m not sure what her connection is to Marcel but the witches sure as hell want her back. Also there was less exposition in this episode which makes it feel more intelligible. 

41 more episodes until Jason Dohring. Don’t let me down, show. 

The witch bitches are up to no good. Apparently one of the witches almost had a stroke when figuring out the gender of the baby AND LOOK AT HAYLEY DOING JUST MORE THAN BEING PREGNANT IN SKIMPY CLOTHES, she’s looking up latin and I hope that she runs into Sam (SAM) and Dean (DEAN) in her quest to figure out more of this potential demon baby. 

But she can’t figure out the language they used? Did I miss her looking it up in Latin? Because…one of the words is hoc. What else is hoc? (Is this pregnancy brain?)

You can be pretty or smart, we don't have enough in the budget for both.

That’s it for episode three! And my laundry has been done for ten minutes, so today The Originals won the fight against distraction. 41 episodes until Jason Dohring! 

Season 1 Episode 4: Girl New Orleans … (WITH NOT A SINGLE CAJUN ACCENT IN SIGHT.)

But plenty of questionable shipping moment.

Okay so are these voiceovers the previously ons and they are just done by a different character each week? Shameless does something similar but it’s totally more creative. Anyway, it’s Klaus’s turn to teach us about his siblings and New Orleans and BLAH BLAH.. SHUT UP KLAUS.

The voiceover for this episode is weird to me, mostly because it’s a lot of information that Klaus (the VO of the week) doesn’t actually know, so it’s weird he’s all “the witch bitches are trying to use my kid against me” when he knows none of this. Also, weirder still is accepting that he’s a dad. But I guess that’s the most normal reaction on a show about vampires and werewolves. 

Klaus waxes poetic to Cami. And uses her for exposition, which is a nice change of pace from using Hayley. 

Oh wow, Cami got all therapist on his ass

This Cami girl looks like a mix of Caroline and Rebekah, the Caroline part I am ok with, the Rebekah aspect of it..not so much. Get it together, Klaus. 

Klaus explains how compulsion works to this week’s expository character, you know just in case we’ve never seen TVD or ANY vampire show or movie, and let’s be honest in this day and age, that’s not a thing. 

“Marcel wants you and because of that he will trust you.” An interesting look at humanity. 

Well, we just broke the news of vampires and werewolves to Cami. Only four episodes in. However, compared to Vampire Diaries, that’s a glacial pace. 


Oh, no, Davina (which I know because you guys just talked about Sophie), We’re all very well aware that you’re sixteen. Don’t make it more obvious.

Davina is so cute and she’s wearing an orange dress! She’s asking Marcel to go to a party like she would ask her dad to go on a date…if she would make her dads blood boil if he said no which is exactly what she did to Marcel which causes Marcel to “compromise” and let her go to the music festival, party whatever the heck it is. #TeamDavina! 

Marcel and Davina = Klaus and Marcel! I get it! Look how deep this show is with its parallels! 

I stopped paying attention for a second and all I saw was lips and eyes so I’m going to make (the correct) assumption that Klaus put a compulsion on Cami. 

Cami isn’t my favorite because she feels like a plot device but I do like that she’s a scholar and insanely curious. Cami, the question shouldn’t be HOW he’s mind controlling you BUT HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO CONTROL YOU NO ONE SHOULD BE.

Hayley! She’s glowing and so pretty. She’s talking to a witch about getting to a doctor in the bayou. This is not going to end well, these witches are sketchy. 

But she hasn't seen any of TVD, poor naive werewolf.

Klaus just said “internet search.” Snort. I forget how old Klaus is until he says shit I hear people in old age home say.

Rebekah shows up to get info on my precious baby girl Davina, because she thinks they are romantic and someone would know where he is hiding the little lady. 

Rebekah’s first line and it’s the most sympathy I’ve ever felt towards her. Never thought that Rebekah would want a child. And Hayley is just kind of blasé about hers. That’s some good character development for Rebekah. Good job, show.

Just wanted to point out, Rebekah and Klaus had a conversation. That’s all. 

Rebekah walks into a bar of Vampires…that sounds like the beginning of a joke. The weird thing is, she’s likely to be the OG sire to one or some of them. It’s interesting she doesn’t command more respect but it’s probably because she looks so young and insists on dating high schoolers. 

Why do all the vampires have baby faces? Is that part of their vampire power?

Marcel is laying down the law about this musical festival. He says, and I quote,  “no lions, no witches, no wardrobes!” Okay, I lied. He wants no witches and no originals because Bekah has been snooping like Dogg. 

Davina and that white dress again. I’m not complaining she looks like an adorable pocket sized fairy. 

I’m not sure a mortal like Cami watching Davina is a good idea, but Marcel isn’t always the best judge of character as proven by his trust of the dubious Klaus. 

This jazz band in New Orleans is really cool. I’m glad we’re taking part in exhibiting the culture. (Still no cajun accent though.)

“You said you weren’t going to hover.” Is Davina Marcel’s witchy love slave or his sister? WHAT IS WITH THIS SHOW AND INCEST???

Speaking of dubious, the witches are playing Hayley. Girl, run! 

So Davina wanted to escape for a boy who plays the fiddle, not surprised, it’s The CW. Fiddle boy is named Tim and he’s adorable. Davina wishes she was the fiddle. 

Rebekah thinks she’s Veronica Mars again and she’s snooping around the local church where she thinks the attic Marcel is keeping Davina is and…OMG it is the attic. 

Also something bat shit happened at the church and there was a massacre. I’m sure there is more to that. 

So Rebekah used her Sherlock powers (we’re seeing more and more of those lately) to find the attic Davina kept her in, where Elijah is now. And then she flashes.

Wait. It’s not a flash…?

Oh Thank God they fixed Elijah’s flashback hair. It’s just his hair now, and he’s so handsome. 

It’s Elijah. On a suit again. But it’s worse because he has weird puffy wrist ruffles.

Elijah is using his own Sherlock powers in this weird vision thing. Which is a power I didn’t even know he had. But he uses it to convince Rebekah to protect Hayley BECAUSE OF COURSE HE DOES. 

Turns out Davina accidentally woke up Elijah and he’s about to come out of it. Of course first thing that come out of his  mouth is TAKE CARE OF HAYLEY CAUSE THE WITCHES GOT HER, GIRL!! 

Something tells me the witches aren’t as nice as we think they are and that Davina being kept from them might not be something evil Marcel is going for his gain. Okay. I think only part of what I said could be right. Marcel is definitely doing this for his own gain. 

I really like Hayley. I know she’s a walking trope, (Like the epitome of Julie Plec’s Mary Sue fantasy) but there’s something about her. There’s a strength I really like.

Obviously the Witch Bitches are going to try and kill baby OG. Hayley won’t let anything happen to her kid! I’m interested in the concept of her being a good mom. I want to believe in it.

Eyes! Mouth! Compulsion! 

Sweet moment between Tim The Fiddler and Davina the morally ambiguous Witch. Aw. He plays the violin for her? It’s cute. 

Davina wants to talk to her high school sweetheart she told Cami about ONLY IT’S NOT DAVINA LURKING IN THE SHADOWS LIKE BATMAN IT’S KLAUS

Cami tells Klaus her brother was the one that caused the massacre in that very church…okay, now I sort of care she exists. 

HER TWIN BROTHER! I care even more now. Actually after I heard her story I’m not sure I give a shit, but I think this whole story has a bigger role on the arc of the season thus far than we realize yet. 

Klaus isn’t Sherlock like his siblings. He’s the grand master. I’m just going to throw literary tropes at this show until it makes sense (which it will never do because these vampires are a million years old.) 

Tim is such a dork and this whole Tim and Davina thing reminds me that this is still YA, we’re still YA guys.

Klaus and Cami talk about man’s inner struggle between good and evil as they contemplate a massacre that happened in this random church with a random guy who just killed all the seminary students and then himself in a senseless act. Cami has a hard time with that. She can accept vampires because there’s a reason. With the dude in the church, there was no reason. Nothing leading up to it.

OH WOW THE CRAZY GUY IN THE CHURCH MASSACRE WAS HER TWIN BROTHER I should have seen that coming but it came so quickly and now I’m unprepared for these Cami centric feels. 

So the priest is friends with Marcel. Who isn’t Marcel hanging out with? Sheeeezh.

Klaus has to ruin everything because he shows up and breaks up the love fest between Davina and Tim. He tries to get her to join him and instead she goes INSANE and all powerful witch and damn she is a scary little thing. She makes his blood boil and his bones crack and all that good shit. She’s so tiny and powerful you almost think Joss Whedon created her. 


Batman is letting his manipulation flag fly. And Davina, Marcel is just your ‘friend’?! You look like a sex monkey whenever he’s around! 

Klaus, stop killing all the musicians in town. 

The most consistent thing in this show is how much Klaus hates rules. 

The Witches are still after Hayley and she is super bad ass. Her wolfie powers coupled with the hybrid baby strength is really working for her. 

Mama Wolf Hayley is taking absolutely NO prisoners against those who try to attack her and her baby. Oh yay, Rebekah comes to help out! CAN THEY PLEASE BE BEST FRIENDS, Rebekah needs a buddy. 

Of course Rebekah thinks she’s doing the cool Rebekah thing and tries to help Hayley, except Hayley runs off fighting and she’s gets arrows to her chest. 

Well, all the women are down on the ground. 

Klaus is mildly annoyed that his baby mama is missing but more importantly THE SCHEME we must SCHEME. But it seems like the scheme is going well because Davina is PISSED at Marcel.

She could Klaus who still pretends to not give a shit about the kid, is concerned for Hayley. But first he must blackmail Davina by healing Tim so she owes him a favor. Dang being Klaus is time consuming. 

Klaus and Rebekah argue angrily with each other over Mama Wolf and then she pops up out of nowhere and do they worry about her? NO SHE’S JUST STANDING THERE ALL VULNERABLE

Hayley comes back around covered in leaves but still beautiful without a hair out of place. Klaus is PISSED OFF that someone tried to hurt his baby mama, wait does he he suddenly publicly care? Must be because he carries Hayley and that’s actually really cute. I ship any ship where someone gets carried. It must be those times I’ve seen The Bodyguard. 

Speaking of ships Marcel and Rebekah are so such slow burn. Ughhhhhhhhhhbhhhh. 

I’m really not shipping Rebekah and Marcel. I don’t know why. 

I like Klaus, Rebekah and Hayley hanging out, being like a family. Klaus catches her when she falls and it’s all really beautiful. Not in a shipper friendly way but in a ‘we chose to be family’ way, which is exactly what I love so much about Fantastic Four. 

Marcel is PISSED because Davina is PISSED and people are not on board with this rabid grabbing of power that Marcel has going on now that Klaus is back in town.

Cami is hell bent on trying to heal the wounds her brother left behind by figuring out who or what caused him to do what he did. Klaus thinks she’s wrong to seek out the info and compels her to forget. Klaus is self righteous and has power. He’s dangerous. If Oliver Queen had the ability to compel no character on Arrow would ever do anything. 

Klaus shows up at Cami’s window like Damon showing up at Elena’s window. But this is different, because they’re adults. Oh no, this is not good. Klaus speaking of knowledge and memories like they’re his own demons and trying to force Cami to forget all that’s happened before.

PAUSE FOR A MINUTE BECAUSE THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. I had an argument once with a friend regarding which companion on Doctor Who had a worse fate — Rose, for remembering their adventures or Donna for forgetting their adventures. I see the value memories. But there’s such a strong part of me that would love to forget.

I seriously weep whenever Klaus does something humanistic. He can be so sweet when he tries and he actually cares about a small circle of people too. 

Cami is great because she calls Klaus out on things. Not in a romantic way, but in a way few people have the courage to do. Cami has lived through hardship and travesty. There’s a similar language that those who have gone through intense travesty speak. It sounds like any other language but there’s a nuance to it. However, it’s not something you’d ever want to learn. (OR for a literary reference, it’s like those death horses that only Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood see.)

Cami makes so much sense to me. But Klaus takes it all away and I really don’t know if I can like him again because this isn’t ok. At least he’s making a promise to find out, though who knows if he will follow through. (Though I appreciate that he’s crying. This is a solid ‘Klaus has emotions’ episode and it has nothing to do with his baby.) 

Enough Cami for like two seconds… Davina in the corner having a Drusilla moment and then Elijah pops up all Grey and Dapper in his suit! Ah man! It’s about to go down. 

 ELIJAH ISSSS ALIIIIIIIVE and of course he’s still wearing that damn suit. How long was he dead for? Three episodes? 

I feel you, boo. What do we have to do to keep Elijah dead?!

Okay The Originals, after this episode I can truly say you have my attention, and I hope it’s not cause Klaus compelled me. 40 episodes until J. Doh. 

That’s it, folks! Super deep episode. I really like this, even as a stand alone, this has been the best of the bunch. 40 episodes more until Jason Dohring! ALSO I JUST REALIZED I DIDN’T HAVE TO FIGURE OUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOPHIE AND DAVINA IN THIS EPISODE BECAUSE SOPHIE WASN’T IN IT AT ALL (though, I just now realized it because half the time I still can’t tell, especially when one of them yells at Marcel.)


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