BiCostal Binging: The OG’s Episodes 7 & 8

Episode 7 – Bloodletting

Key to Understanding:
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Diane – Italicized Font

“Honey, we lost the Hayley.” Elijah to Rebekah.


In my off time (so, like, an hour and twenty minutes a day) I’m catching up on last season’s Supernatural and it’s fascinating to see how CW shows are a big fan of a good brotherhood (I’m typing over the VOs…but the end of that one wasn’t too bad.)

Oh hey there, pretty extra boy with the bulging muscles. Are you Klaus’ Nerdboy lackey? Oh, yes you are! Blood is good for your physic.


So in addition to being a ginormous asshat Marcel also likes to host fights in his mansion for day walker rings.

Aw, Klaus comes in to break up the party. Excuse me, Klaus AND Elijah. “Filthy amateurs.” OK, now I’m scared of The Originals. When Elijah is scary, we’re all scared. Elijah should be scary more often (but also, get rid of the jacket.)

Elijah and Klaus are pissed about not being able to join the festivities so they threaten to kill one. Apparently Marcel has no idea where Hayley is…but we do now…she’s with no one other than…


Tyler Lockwood! And he’s a douche, but he and Klaus never really saw eye to eye on many things except for a certain blonde…

Hayley is with the witches, my guess? Or did Marcel pull a switcharoo? OMG TYLER I LOVE YOU SO MUCH please be her brother, I would be so on board for this.

Marcel brought them a witch named…Sabine? Should I know her? Is she the witch that had a crazy psycho vision? The stakes aren’t nearly that high.

Hayley is related to a bunch of redneck werewolves? OMG I can’t, his name is DWAYNE.

I think I like Elijah better when he isn’t talking, only ripping hearts out. They think Hayley ran away, of COURSE you’d think that Klaus, that’s literally your only MO.

Aw, Diane’s nerdboy lackey is being all cute and nerdy — oh no! Don’t hurt nerdboy! I’ve grown to like him!

Marcel is using the witches to do his bidding. You would think he, being a former slave, would help him NOT be a dick and just use the witches as his, well, slaves. Not being able to practice magic until he says so.

Awe Marcel playing LoTR vamp. You better run, boy.

Ah, better, Elijah’s still wearing his stupid jacket but at least there are no ties in sight. I also appreciate that Elijah doesn’t see Hayley as a “walking incubator” like he accurately presumes Klaus does. Klaus is busy, being a whining baby brother until…he smells something (someone? That just sounds creepy though…)

Klaus tells Elijah a bed time story about Tyler and the other hybrids he turned. Oh and in case you don’t watch TVD he also killed Tyler’s mom so there is that.

Klaus is like “yo bro, you like Hayley? Cause I totally had her first ::sticks out tongue::

Klaus really loves attention, you would almost think he is the Jan Brady of this family. “Elijah, Elijah, Elijah!!” As a matter of fact I will refer to him as Jan through out the rest of this episode.


So now we’re going to have an update on TVD history (which is good because I didn’t know any of this.) What I DID know is that Klaus has the hots for Caroline (which, let’s be real, she is the BEST part of that show, can those brothers fight over HER please?). Not only does he have the hots for Caroline, but at least he has way more chemistry with her than any of the wet blankets on this show (though I’m still holding out hope for Klaus and Hayley, as I’m doomed to be disappointed.)

Also, it’s important, I’m Forwood for life so basically all my ships destine Klaus to be 4ever alone

I like that Elijah’s not even like “That’s bad that you killed a kid’s mother.” It’s just “Ugh, you stupid idiot.”

Davina is painting doodles when Marcel shows up and asks her to paint Josh like one of her French girls. Okay he asks her to free Josh of Klaus’s compelling. She says okay. I say “oh she’s young, he’s young, she’s cute, he’s cute, this is going to be a thing isn’t it?”

Did Davina get pregnant too because her boobs seem to be much bigger.

“The super witch.” Josh, you are a doll baby, can you and Davina fall in love? (This is the most chemistry I’ve felt in the entire show and they haven’t even talked to each other.)


I can’t have Tyler have a death wish, that will just hurt me in every place.

Wait, are we forcing another miscarriage? Wow I’m really excited for the show to remember that Hayley is more than just a walking incubator.

Tyler drains Hayley’s belly of something. He’s out for vengeance. Tyler, when has messing with vampires ever been good for you?

Omg Rebekah’s heals are FAB. WANT! (And I don’t even wear heals cause I would be about 6’5″ in those heals.)

Oh is Bekah back? Of course she goes to Marcel first WE ALREADY DID THIS BOO. There are too many repeat beats here. Marcel, you’ve done tons of things to hurt Rebekah. Also, are we bringing back the Klaus incest? Because Marcel keeps comparing himself to Klaus AND YOU LITERALLY JUST SLEPT WITH HER LAST NIGHT LET’S NOT LOOK TOO CLOSELY AT THIS

Marcel is going to prove he’s alright to Rebekah. Okay Marcel. No one believes you have good intentions. Literally NO ONE.

Tyler is the best actor in this whole series, I would honestly watch a show just about him and his anger issues. At least Tyler isn’t surprised by Klaus’ manipulation and overall Batman manners.

Wooooah, Tyler, don’t let new hybrid redneck feed off of Hayley! NOT cool, bro!

“Klaus Mikelson, killer of men, women and puppies.” Perfect description of Jan Brady.

So the babies blood makes hybrids. Oh good. Jan Brady is going to kill TYLER btw. I mean, no chance of you living, like ever.

I love that Davina’s apologizing to Nerdboy for torturing him. “Voodoo lobotomy.” Yup, they’re totally going to fall in love. I’m already in love with those arm muscles. Oh, wait. That’s right, he’s gay. OK, fine, they’re not going to fall in love, I’m a little sad because there’s still a lot of attractive chemistry. Doesn’t sexuality not matter in a CW show? Can’t anyone sleep with anyone as long as everyone is pretty?


Josh is gay and he and Davina bond over their love of wanting to return to “normal” and meeting boys. They are adorable. I like this dynamic.

Oh hey, Tyler, remember how you said the hybrids Klaus created were loyal to him? Well the one you created with his baby mama is loyal to her so…

Hayley escapes in the nick of time and runs through the woods totally pregnant and bumps into…ELIJAH! Whose name I literally yelled out loud just now.

Oh no! Poor, sad Tyler is going to kill Hayley. I love you boo, don’t let Klaus’ bad influence let you do this.

So Redneck Hybrid is sired by Klaus still? Or…Mama Wolf? Oh hey, Elijah found Mama Wolf. Embracing occurs  and Elijah looks like he’s not hugged a woman in a millennia (other than his sister.)

She’s gives him a big old hug. The ship. It’s a good ship.

“Hello Tyler, you look well, I aim to change that. But first let’s share homoerotic looks and glance at one another while we get closer and closer.” – Klaus

Can we stop calling it “the baby” and have some sort of name or nickname for it?

Rebekah and Marcel scene. I’m yawning. I don’t see this chemistry. I just don’t. He wanted to build her a house. Blah blah. I’m sorry, it’s just hard to find Marcel interested in anyone when every other word that escapes his lips is Klaus.


Oh right, Marcel and Rebekah have a storyline. Why is Marcel showing her The Garden? Is this going to be a euphemism for them having sex “in her garden”?

Of COURSE he designed her a house. Marcel, you didn’t even chase after Rebekah. “You were WITH Klaus.” Can we just call it like it is at this point?!

Rebekah is acting like she’s had Stockholm Syndrome for hundreds of years and I totally get it. That is what it’s like, feeling trapped by your abuser.

I don’t like Klaus at all.

What is Hayley’s accent? She says her Os weird. — She’s Australian. I know because IMDB told me.

Some sort of hybrid fight and ugh I don’t care. Especially because Klaus keeps taking pot shots. It’s just delightful to see Tyler. NO DO NOT TAKE TYLER AWAY FROM ME. KLAUS I ALREADY AM SO MAD AT YOU IN THIS EPISODE DO NOT MAKE THIS WORSE

OK, thank you. Even though you’re being a dick about letting Tyler live as your own version of torture.

Tyler stakes Jan Brady, and Jan takes Tyler down. We realize that Tyler was on a suicide mission this whole time, but Klaus ends up giving him a second chance at life knowing he is his least favorite son… Sound familiar Klaus?


Meanwhile his favorite son is off trying to figure out how to bury him. Go figure.

Back to Rebekah and Marcel arguing about her abuser. Also, it’s interesting to note that whenever she’s afraid of Klaus, she calls him “my brother.”

Elijah’s the smartest of the bunch. Let Klaus talk out his feelings instead of provoking him into his self defensive snark. “The Lesser Brother. The Bastard.” Just because you hate yourself and your parentage, that does not excuse you of the awful things you do.

There’s a lot to be said in this episode about how you view yourself and where you come from. In this, I appreciate Elijah, because he never stops trying to prove to Klaus that he loves him and yet Klaus will never believe him.

So he leaves them. Well, and bites Elijah. Oh right, because a hybrid bite is supposed to kill vampires? Well, at least, just annoy an Original.

Oh boohoo Klaus, stop pretending you’re hurt. Yes, Elijah was eager to believe Tyler’s accusation that you knew the hybrid baby was capable of creating other Hybrids, but it’s not like you’ve every lied or tried to kill your siblings before this. Nope never. Kol and Finn are rolling in their graves.

Okay, seriously Klaus? Did you really have to bite Elijah? 


It’s a good thing we have Josh in this episode, since Rebekah is too busy being sad with Marcel to be snarky.

So, 16-yr-old super witch girl has a gay bff vampire friend? This show is weird. (I mean, I love this. But weird.)

Omg Davina and Josh pinky swearing is possibly the cutest thing that’s happened on this show ever. I adore this dynamic. BFF’s!

“Perhaps I was too willing to condemn him.” Elijah, you’re the least condemning of any character on TV. The Olsen twins were monsters compared to you, maybe just calm the eff down on the self hate train, everyone.

I love the little ‘we’re having a moment so we have to look down like we’re embarrassed.’ Oh, it’s a hotbox, you would say? As I remember from my Smallville years, when characters are sweating, it generally means that the sex is going to take place. Did you get your cue, Elijah?

The best part about Elijah is how much he sees Niklaus as his baby brother. He calls him a nuisance rather than be pissed off. It’s sweet

Seems he did get that cue, but before anything could happen, someone dropped off a Bible. 


Someone leaves a mysterious Bible on the door step of Tyler’s weird safe house. The Bible of course has a family tree in it and Hayley is sure she’s this “Andrea” character written on the bottom with her exact birthday.

This shot is a great juxtaposition of old and new, which is a lot of this episode (and yes, the whole series.) Good job, DP. I see you.

Klaus is being all whiny again. Oh no, Rebekah’s back. And they’re arguing so…nope, not even going to say it. Carry on with your heated yelling as the few characters in this show that actually have chemistry, I’ll just sit here eating my truffle pizza and keeping my fingers too busy to type my thoughts.

SIDE NOTE THOUGH — he’s yelling at Rebekah that everyone’s betrayed and abandoned him but he’s really yelling at his father and he’s really lashing out because he feels that everyone hates him. (Not because he does hateful things, but because he’s a bastard child.)

Klaus is whining. LITERALLY WHINING to Rebekah about how Elijah and Hayley hurt him. He even uses the word Treachery. Okay Klaus, calm your tits.

Klaus is going to use Rebekah. The abusive manipulation continues. The show would be so different if it were on HBO.

He’s like blah blah, Marcel is evil help me kill him off, blah blah. Rebekah is looking like she is having none of his shit right now but will pretend like she does.

Everyone hates you, Klaus, because you make them and that’s why Rebekah is lying to you.

Klaus always looks like he’s about break out in tears even when he’s not.

So much has happening in this conversation. It’s very subtle compared to the rest of Klaus’ series dialogue. This is, like, so incredibly sad and painful. 

Ugh, Tyler. You’re beautiful. I’m not even mad at you. I’m just happy you’re alive.


Ugh Tyler is trading secrets with Marcel and is all dramatic “it’ll be the end of the vampire species” in reference to the baby. This poor baby isn’t even born yet. I feel like Hayley is Sarah Conner sometimes.

I didn’t like Tyler on TVD and I don’t like him here. Can’t wait to say bye Felicia to his weird ass.

I’m feeling a lot of feels after this episode, guys. But, we’re closer and closer to Jason Dohring time!

Episode 8: The River In Reverse 


This is a better VO, mostly because it’s vague enough to give the sum up a better foothold. But it seems like it’s going to be a Rebekah heavy episode and I’m not upset about it.

She needs absolution. It’s not even that, it’s mostly that she just needs someone to listen to her. All the siblings think that the others hate them. Ugh. Y’all got messed up 1000 years ago.

Rebekah voice over. So it’s a Rebekah centric episode I suppose.

Bekah is confessing her sins…sins of loving her brother more than a brother? Sorry, but come on! Klausbekah is truth.

Klaus, stop being all jealous of your sister’s sex buddy. “I would never bite you.” Seriously, all Klaus’ threatening of Rebekah just makes the sexual tension higher.

Wishing Klaus would stop feeling bad for himself already. Good lord. Shut up.

I usually like Klaus, but I’m like 4 minutes in and want him to shut up. Oh woe is me! I’m Klaus, no one loves me. Elijah loves you and you bit him! Bekah loves you and you constantly try to control her. Get it together.

The Hayley and Elijah ship is growing on me. Especially with him being all sick and helpless. But why don’t they use Hayley’s blood since it’s got Klaus’ miracle healing powers?

Elijah is all sweaty and sick from the werewolf bite. Poor vulnerable baby!

Some girl appears with a bite on her back? Was I not paying attention correctly? Who is this? I won’t rewind. Screw it.


Tyler’s leading a panel on How to Kill Klaus. Rebekah comes in as the surprise guest, snapping Tyler’s neck and putting her gorgeous boots on top of him.

Ugh Tyler and Marcel are so obsessed with Klaus it’s not even funny. You’re both his shitty, whiney, children.

Tyler is telling the vamps the story about Hayley and Klaus and their love child. All the vamps are skeptical of baby hybrid’s magical powers. I am bored.

Rebekah walks in and I am less bored because she cracks Tyler’s neck. Finally.  Also she talks about NOT HARMING THE POOR BABY. Thank you!

Oh, Cami’s back. We didn’t have Cami OR Sophie in the last episode (and maybe it was a better episode?) At least Cami comes with a healthy dose of psychological summation. Oh, and she nails him on all points.

“Is there anyone who isn’t plotting your downfall?” – Cami (aka everyone who has ever watched this show.)


So is this episode all the siblings trying to find someone to talk to?

Still not buying Marcel and Rebekah.

I can’t tell if Rebekah is playing Marcel or not. Boy is just as guilty as Klaus is. Also he practically is Klaus. Yes incestuous undertones, let’s keep pretending they don’t exist. – Also, technically he’s her adopted nephew. Incest ERRYWHERE.

It’s fine, Elijah, keep writhing in your teeshirt and jeans. And having sexy dreams, I’m fine.

I know Elijah is sick and all, but damn he looks good in that outfit. I can’t help it.

Who is mysterious blonde woman? Am I supposed to know her?? EVERYONE LOOKS ALIKE IN CENTRAL CASTING. 

Josh is adorable and Klaus has no idea he isn’t under his will anymore.

Klaus doesn’t know Nerdboy has been turned and our little Nerdboy is absolutely adorable can he be on screen more? Oh, no, he’ll probably be dead by the end of the season.


I like that, you know, despite all that’s going down with your ragey rage, I like that you’re taking the time, Klaus, to discuss your concerns and care about Cami. (Though your concern for Cami would be a lot more touching if you weren’t the one starting this war.)

I don’t know whose side I’m supposed to be on because I kind of feel bad for Klaus and I also hate Marcel a little but feel for him too. I JUST DON’T GET IT. Am I supposed to? Can we just rename this show “Everybody Hates Klaus?”

Klaus gives a snot about someone and it’s Cami. He is trying to convince her uncle priest to convince her to leave or he’ll have to.

Is Elijah going to make a move on Hayley while he’s hopped up on Hybrid bite?

So Rebekah likes brooding megalomaniacs and Klaus has a thing for tough blondes…Hmmmmm…. HMMMMMMMM

Elijah’s hair looks better in this flashback. Thank baby Jesus.


It’s nice that at least Hayley has things in perspective.

Ugh why are we not just hanging out with Hayley and Elijah, I don’t care about Klaus and Marcel or Rebekah and Marcel. Oh no. Perpetual betrayal. Didn’t see this coming did you, Batman.

Marcel and Rebekah revel themselves as the evil masterminds they are. Klaus is like “lolerskates foolish kids!” But then hundreds of vamps reveal themselves and he looks a little scared. And by a little I mean a lot.

Ugh. Klaus. YOU Are the only one who cares that you’re a bastard. They’re not trying to take you down because you’re a bastard child, they’re trying to take you down because you’re a dick.


Elijah is having flashbacks to his days with Klaus. He shoots him because he took aways his boo. Then goes insane and hallucinates Hayley is Klaus and tries to strangle her.

Mysterious blonde lady shows up and is like “yo I’m mysterious!” She also daggers a delusional Elijah.

Back in the present, Klaus uses his greatest superpower of all, his silver tongue. Rebekah was right earlier, he would totally be able to talk his way out of hell (especially if it were run by Crowley).

No one goes to Klaus’ rescue. He doesn’t inspire leadership because he’s so unhealthily damaged. But he’ll fight on because werewolf. 


The vamps chain up Klaus and beat him. Just as I feel terrible for him because this is what his shit head father did, the wolf awakens and Klaus goes animalistic on the vamps and SLAUGHTERS them. I mean SLAUGHTERS. BRUTALLY.

Marcel picks up the coin and pledges his allegiance to Klaus under Rebekah’s guidance. Klaus won this round, but why do I secretly suspect she was in on this all along? Might be from all my years watching wrestling, but double crossing is a thing.

Cami and the Priest would be great on their own. Like, I could see her being some sort of supernatural psychologist detective and I would love that. 

Uncle Priest is telling Cami to leave town. Girl, go. Leave. Get out of this Hell!

We’ve introduced a new mystery, Hayley’s redneck birthmark. Also, the reason why we dealt with any of Elijah’s fever dream beyond strengthening the sads between him and Klaus.

Mysterious Blonde is a woman revealed to be named Eve. She blames everything on Marcel, much like Marcel blames everything on Klaus. Marcel = Klaus. See? She claims he put a spell out that would only allow for wolves to turn into humans on the full moon and that most of the people in that book Hayley got last episode are either dead or gone.

Elijah pops out and I’m literally like YAY ELIJAH! He’s so proper and nice, it’s hard to think he’s this brutal killer.

The vampires are literally pouring one out for the homies right now. Oh, wait, they’re probably going to burn them. At least we still have Baby Face vampire.

image12-2Marcel faces his own dumb plan by having to burn the hundreds massacred by Klaus because of Marcel.

Marcel and Klaus share a tear jerker of a moment where Marcel tells Klaus he will never experience loyalty because it comes out of love and respect. Good lord, Marcel is actually right for once. However, I’m pretty sure Marcel once loved and respected Klaus which is why he was so loyal to him for all those years. I don’t know when exactly Marcel felt betrayed by Klaus but I’m sure it was an awful moment. Marcel looks at Klaus the way a dejected son would look at his disapproving unapologetic father. You would with think Klaus could relate to Marcel in that respect but he is too self absorbed sometimes to understand the realities of his relationships.

Elijah and Rebekah both found their OTP in New Orleans? At the same time? These are the moments I have a hard time with the whole 1000 years thing.

Elijah’s demons are so much more subtle than Klaus or Rebekah. Theirs is blatant and violent. Elijah’s is guilt. And the feeling that, as the oldest, they are his responsibility.

Elijah and Hayley could be OTP. When he touches her to show memories of a drowned Celeste, he looks so defeated and sad, but when he looks at Hayley something lights up. I love Elijah. Just the whole package. He’s a nice guy, but he isn’t perfect. He’s broken, but he’s trying. The perfect foil for Klaus.

Aw finger touch between Elijah and Hayley! I like this!

This is a really good family bonding time. It’s about time that Klaus cry his feelings. No, guys, don’t just let him say all that like he’s the reigning authority.


Klaus and his abandonment issues rear their ugly head. Strip away the supernatural aspect of this and Klaus is just a man, a man who reeks of bipolar manic depression. And he’s crying and I’m sad too. He thinks his child will call Elijah father. Rebekah reminds him he does this to himself. Klaus doesn’t care because he’s in a down swing. I’ve officially lost it. Joseph Morgan NAILED THIS MOMENT. Nailed it. His facial expressions swung from outrage, to jealousy, to pure delusional pain. Klaus is afraid and yes, he does have delusions. He’s fearful of losing everything he loves and that everyone’s out to get him because that’s the fear his father instilled in him. Klaus is so multifaceted and Joseph expresses his emotionally turmoil and constant mood swings beautifully.

Seriously, Cami would be the best supernatural detective.

We should have ended with Hayley getting in the car with Klaus but instead it ends with Cami remembering something and coming close to finding out Marcel and Klaus’s true origins.

Episode 8 is officially my favorite of the season thus far. Keep up the upswing originals.

And that’s it for this episode! It’s progressively getting better and better. What are we at, 38 episodes until JDoh?


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