Always Remember Smallville 

Let’s travel back in time for this one, shall we? The year is 2001, I’m in the 8th grade. My favorite show is Roswell and I’m disappointed that it’s being “replaced” by some new Superman show called Smallville. Now, this is 13 year old me, I’m just excited to get the heck out of middle […]

The Poetry of Bullying 

I don’t normally share any creative pieces on this blog and I feel that might change. Today I was bullied by someone who decided to tell me I was ugly.  Instead of getting upset I channeled it into something else; a poem. I can be a lot of things, but from the bully’s of my […]

Coming Out Day 

I remember when I first found out a friend of mine was gay. I thought nothing of it at all. He was my friend and I didn’t care who he loved as long as he was happy . When I found out homophobia existed I was confused. How could anyone hate anyone else for something […]