Pokemon Going It 

My boss is off this week and when he’s out it usually means 11 hour work days in the office, accompanied by e-mail checks at home. Yesterday I was cooped up all day in front of a computer, answering e-mails with intervals of minutes – so I decided to just spend a good chunk of my evening enjoying my city and being outdoors, something so rare when all you do is work. I also managed to catch some Pokemon and as much as people make fun of it, the game made me want to stay out more, walk around more. Yes people aren’t paying attention and are always in their phone, but weren’t they before Pokemon and won’t they after Pokemon? 

I guess my point is, I owe Pokemon Go this week because without it I probably would have gone crazy from all the work I’ve been doing from my cubicle, so thanks Pokemon! 

(Here I am below, at a Pokestop and Gym outside of Radio City Music Hall near my office building enjoying a chlorine fountain because this is nature for us city dwellers.) 


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