BiCostal Binging: The OG’s Episodes 13 and 14.

As always your key to understanding: Meghan: Regular Font Diane: Italics For the first time, I’m choosing to watch The Originals instead of feeling like I have to (though I’ve currently got a much more pressing deadline for something else BUT I’M JUST LOVING THIS SHOW. Plus everyone kept sending me Elijah pictures today at […]

BiCoastsal Binging: The OGs 11 & 12

So, it’s been a pretty awful couple of days. No dehydration issues, thankfully (get better, Diane!) but mostly people issues and man am I reminded that sometimes I hate humans just as much as Klaus does (that’s a terrible thought, let’s move right along.) Update: I am feeling better. Special shout to Meghan for editing […]

BiCoastal Binging: The OGs 9 & 10

  Before we begin I need a little PSA:  Luckily Meghan edits on Tuesdays because I’ve been ill the last few days. Long story short don’t forget to hydrate yourself in the summer, kids! I’m sorry if you find the more you know rainbow appearing right about now. Key to understanding In case you don’t […]