The Poetry of Bullying 

I don’t normally share any creative pieces on this blog and I feel that might change. Today I was bullied by someone who decided to tell me I was ugly.  Instead of getting upset I channeled it into something else; a poem. I can be a lot of things, but from the bully’s of my youth, and the bully’s of today, I am free and I will never let you tear me down, because I am me so without any more talk: A poem, they say. 

I am a face 

I am beauty 

I am not grace. 

I am the thin line 

I am the birth mark on your shoulder 

I am the angry ocean waves when the tide rises. 

I am sadness 

I am disgust 

I am happiness at your doorstep waiting to embrace

I am hate 

I am loneliness when you walk away 

I am jealousy when you pick her instead.  

I am wrinkles 

I am tears. 

I am brains  

I am ignorance.  

I am fragile 

I am faith 

I am more 

I am here. 

I am a lie 

I am me. 

I am free. 


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