What’s Everyone’s Favorite Ship or Shuttle From Science Fiction?


Everyone out there has a favorite spaceship, intergalactic vehicle and in some instances time traveling cars or phone booths. Let’s be real, we all kind of want one whenever we watch our favorite science fiction shows or movies, because HELLO THEY ALLOW US TO TRAVEL TO THE FINAL FRONTIER (or through time and space, and other things.)

I was watching Red Dwarf last night (I have been watching Red Dwarf the entire holiday weekend. It has consumed me, and become a part of my life.) In Red Dwarf VI the crew is trying to desperately get Holly and Red Dwarf back and have since been traveling in Starbug, their shuttle. The crew so desperately trying to get their ship back made me ponder the age old question of whatever thought of as their favorite ship or shuttle. I took to the twitters and Facebook for some answers and some of the responses I was getting were brilliant. Some ships I even forgot all about.

The TARDIS:  People were loving the TARDIS, I personally love it too because it not only travels through time but it also goes back in time. Also it’s sexy.

 ‏@louflores The TARDIS. Duh.
Jason Zhu Galactica, Serenity, or TARDIS. 😡
@michaelnixon  It’s the Doctor’s TARDIS for me, in the 1996 interior and the busted-up “The Snowmen” exterior.
Beatrice Benders The Planet Express ship! Or the TARDIS, haha.
Moya from Farscape: Who doesn’t want a ship that’s alive?
@DerfelMacklin @TooBadDiane Moya.  Just love the idea of a living ship.
Liam John Daigoro Crosbie Moya from Farscape t.
Cat Bowen EAS Agamemnon Babylon 5 or the Moya.  In an inter-stellar battle, it’s hard to beat.
The DeLorean: Although not space ship per say, this snazzy car took Marty McFly on an adventures of a life time. Plus with a part called the flux capacitor I had to allow it.
@FilmThrasher @TooBadDiane THEN DELOREAN ALL THE WAY.
Lia Shamis oh and the Delorean!
The Enterprise, The Millennium Falcon and The Magic School Bus?! Everything else, spaceships, body surfing bus’s and gates. 
 ‏@alancw95  The Millennium Falcon. Always on its last leg, but somehow pulled thru.
@athena606  serenity, millennium falcon
Lia Shamis the ship from sphere
krystin Nicole the magic schoolbus.
@DerfelMacklin  Does the Stargate count?
@FilmThrasher follow up: does the phone booth from Bill & Ted also count? Or does TARDIS beat obscure travel machine? 😂
 ‏@FilmThrasher Millennium Falcon been said? Or Luke’s X-Wing?
Julio Peña III The Nebuchadnezzar.
Liam John Daigoro Crosbie The Battlestar Galactica, Slave 1 and Destiny (SGU.) 
@Pink_Dagger U.S.S. Prometheus!!
Robbie Superrobbie Holly millenium falcon from star wars

‏@CoverGirlJenny since I love superman and smallville, I’ll give you the one that took kal-el to earth.
 ‏@Pip131the Egg from Mork & Mindy.
‏@MeleMalloryWell, I named my car Serenity, if that tells you anything…though Millennium Falcon is definitely up there.
 ‏@Pink_Dagger Spaceballs 1 can go to plaid! 
Whether it be a traditional space vessel or something a little bit weirder we all love the transportation our favorite characters use; they become primary characters and flesh out an elaborate story. All great leaders go down with their ships. It helps if their ships are bad ass, though.
So what’s your favorite ship? Hit up the comments below or answer this lovely, handy dandy poll.



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