First Post? A Letter To People Who Might Find This.

Dear Readers,

I am both thrilled and sorry that you came across my blog. For many years now I have dabbled with the urge to start and maintain my very own blog. I have a blog that I upkeep with my friends and one that I contribute to regularly, however I never had a blog to really call my own. I’ll start with the basics which I guess I will soon post on my an about me which I have to write once I stop procrastinating. Wait. What is that you ask? You’re not procrastinating now so why don’t you just write it now? Well, I guess the answer is simple, this sort of just came to me where as writing an about me is something that I have actually thought of doing. Sometimes when I think about the things I “need to do” as opposed to things I “feel like doing” they don’t always go hand in hand, and the thing I NEED TO DO end up going on the back burner despite the fact I know it might make a dent in my small and fragile readership. (Oh hey, I might have to write about the difference in wanting to write something and needing to write something, but wont because I need to do it. It’s a very bad chain of laziness.)

Now that I am done with that introduction I guess I’ll start with the one about me. My name is Diane, you might know me from the twitters as @toobaddiane.

(Here I am!) Image

Some basic info: I am in the middle of a self-proclaimed quarter life crisis which caused me to quit my cozy job in the ever evolving telecom industry to work as an assistant in media buying. (This guy  once told told me it wasn’t a quarter life crisis because I had a plan, but I don’t think having a plan really annuls the fact I quit my job on a whim and decided to just wing it.)  I have been on a weight loss journey (which I will probably post about here since May and have lost close to 30 pounds.) I also attribute this to my quarter life crisis but in a healthier, better way. I watch a lot of television and that hasn’t changed since I was a latch key kid growing up. I’m happily married to my TiVo and I tweet a lot. I wish I had some great story about how I live with my equally amazing husband and our cats, but I don’t. I am a perpetually single gal who can’t seem to find any luck in the romance department. (My friends decided it would be fun to drag me to speed dating even though I don’t particularly care about it all that much. I’ll probably write about my awkward experiences on that too. )Essentially I am one of a million women who live in the urban jungle of New York who just can’t seem to get it together. Some of us laugh about it, some of us write blogs about it. I am one of those people. I guess you can say I am every woman, it’s all in me?

I hate when I type lyrics as filler when I run out of ideas.

I also live in New York City with my TiVo, my computer and a collection of random pop culture items including Matryoshka’s and Mugs.

Love Always,



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