The Unintentional Hiatus

When I first started this blog i was working part time and was delightfully bored. Now I work full time and have a million other things to do and I may have stumbled onto some writers block. I will not confirm or deny that, however I have returned and will be posting regularly again because what’s the point of having your own domain if you’re just not going to use it? “Right?” I briskly ask the thin air, “Right!” says no one in particular enthusiastically. Now that we have that settled I guess i wanted to write this post as welcome back to myself and a way to voice my worry over what i felt was a writing laziness, not so much a block as I did have stories to tell and reviews to write. I hope to be back once and for all and have stuff up here as much as I can while maintaining my free time, duties as a human (mostly hygenic,) and my responsibilities as an adult to go out, work, make money and cry myself to sleep every night because I wanna be rich and allowed to be lazy. 


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