BiCoastal Binging: The OGs 9 & 10

  Before we begin I need a little PSA:  Luckily Meghan edits on Tuesdays because I’ve been ill the last few days. Long story short don’t forget to hydrate yourself in the summer, kids! I’m sorry if you find the more you know rainbow appearing right about now. Key to understanding In case you don’t […]

Book Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

  Honestly, I am so over vampires and I know a lot of you are too- so when I was camping out in the YA Fantasy Romance section of Barnes and Noble I was skeptical about a lot of the stuff I was looking at. However, something about this book called to me. Firstly, it’s […]

The Unintentional Hiatus

When I first started this blog i was working part time and was delightfully bored. Now I work full time and have a million other things to do and I may have stumbled onto some writers block. I will not confirm or deny that, however I have returned and will be posting regularly again because […]

Binge Watching: This Is New?

I’ve recently read several articles on binge watching. Essentially about how people breeze through TV and consume entire series in a day to a week. All of these articles sound exactly the same; they all talk about the ever evolving way to watch TV and keep expressing how this is the new way people do […]